torstai 27. syyskuuta 2012

Monocle #57

Meillä on ilo ja kunnia kertoa että Polkka Jamin Kissanpäivät-malliston Hella-keittiöliina löytyy Monocle-lehden uusimman numeron Inventory-palstalta.

We are happy to tell you that our Hella tea towel was featured in the Inventory section of the latest issue of Monocle magazine

"From its studio in Turku, Finnish firm Polkka Jam has been producing paper goods (printed on 100 per cent recycled cardboard), cushions and tea towels since 2002, with designs inspired by nature and everyday life. “There is a personal experience behind every collection, something from our own lives,” says Kristiina Haapalainen, one of the partners. “Sometimes small and quiet things turn out to be something exciting and spectacular when you take a closer look,” she adds."

-Monocle #57, October 2012